Eureka Institutional Cleaning Equipment

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    - Vacuum Cleaners

    Commercial Vacuums

    Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners

    A unique intermediate powerful & versatile Professional Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner. Study and reliable wet and dry vacuum cleaners,built to last with simple & low maintenance costs.A product that guarantees value for money..

                     ZW 20 SS

                     ZW 35 SS

                     ZW 77 SS

                     EXTRACT P 25


                     GU 355 Dual

                     GD 10 BACKPACK

    Industrial Vacuums

    A unique intermediate powerful & versatile single phase Dry vacuum cleaner. A unique intermediate powerful & versatile single phase dry vacuum cleaner with a 50 ltr tank capacity for specific light to medium duty dust/debris pick up.


                      M 402

                      M 1003

                      M 100 T

                      TRI 30 SS

    Application Vacuums

    A three phase industrial vacuum cleaner which is powerful and easy to move. Powerful three phase industrial vacuum cleaner for applications requiring high degree of suction like picking up fine dust particles i.e cement which tends to clog filter in very short time.These vacuums are highly ergonomic and extremely safe in most demanding applications.

                      T 60 TSP

                      TRI 100 ATEX

    Floor Cleaners

    Single Disc Scrubbers

    Offers top of the line efficient, reliable scrubbing, wet & dry stripping, polishing. Single Disc machine with gear-box drive, very effective in specific treatments. Has more than 50cm working width.

                      Mega 50+

                      FP 43 Duo

    Auto Scrubber Driers

    An ideal machine made up of high quality components to automate manual cleaning systems. The revolutionary scrubbing machine that scrubs,dries and sanitizes in one pass. Ideal for small, congested areas and maintenance cleaning. Suitable for hotels, hospitals, offices, service stations, recreational facilities, educational institution, contract cleaning etc.

                      Vispa 35 E/B

                      Abila 50 E/B

                      Simpla 50 E/B

                      FP 551 E/B

    Scrubber Driers - Ride on

    A unique versatile Scrubber Drier - Ride on. Superior product comapared to competitor ride-on machines:
    ♦ The most compact and silent scrubbing machine, as small as a walk behind machine
    ♦ All-round manoeuvrability
    ♦ Innovative technology
    ♦ Patented product

                      TRIPLA 75 B

                      FLEXY 85 B

    Sweepers - Walk Behind

    Three times faster than manual sweeping. Saves time, labour and runnning cost. Compact walk behind, extremely maneuverable cleaning of small to medium sized area for indoor & outdoor use.Three times faster than manual sweeping, highly efficient than conventional broom, saves time, labour and running cost.

                      WS 65 A

                      CS 50 H/B

    Sweepers - Ride On

    The CS80 sweeper has been created to make the operator’s job comfortable and easy. Suitable for cleaning indoor narrow areas or medium-large surfaces with many obstacles CS60 is heavy-duty, compact and battery powered.It is especially suitable whenever working speed and maneuverability in indoor environments is required.

                      CS 60 B

                      CS 70 H/ B

                      CS 80/90 D/B


    High Pressure Cleaners

    Easy to use, cost effective and optimum performance in cleaning and maintainance.